Katnissss's Story Page

The Battle
Too the left and the write all i saw was my fellow warriors falling back, back, back... this can't be happening my mind shouted, Shadowclan can't be driven out! The Thunderclan warriors were advancing. "Were tired of you Shadowclan", a young he-tom apprentice growled.

Chapter One
I stretched my sore muscles in the Sunlight that trickled in through the fern roof covering the apprentice den. Sootpaw? My sister Dawnpaw yowled. " What now?" " Me and MossClump were about to go for a hunt, want to come?" " No thanks." " well okay sleepy-head." "Shut up", i teased. My mentor-BushelThorn would probably make me clean out the elders bedding for not going. ( i barely ever got out of the den) BlackStar had punished me enough for being lazy, i didn't care, why should i? I never wanted to be a warrior anyway..

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