The Myth Of ShiverCloud

ShiverClouds Journey- By Uniquelog

Chapter One
" Stop grumbling Shivercloud its nothing but the wind". " Im sorry dearest brother, but I've never been out of our den". " Well get used to it", he growled unsympatically. Sighing, i turned to look at my brother, i flashed back to the times we used to play. He was different now, when i stood near him i felt Eerie and utterly wary. " Dear brother, may i ask where we are headed?" He stopped and glared at me, and i gasped as i saw a glimpse of pure evil glitter in his eye. " Sorry dearest brother". " Never mind it, he mumbled, We are headed to kidnap the Shaman princess, where we will then ransom her for gems." " Well, he continued, you will". " I sha'll watch".  "Suddenly it struck me, he was Evil....".  As if he saw my shock he rested his tail on my shoulder. " Sister, we will be famous!" My face crippled, " For doing wrong!"
" Well yes, but still". i stared angrily, " Never"! " Then i shall make you!"Luckily, before my brother ( Iceanimal ) Could not grab me. I took the opportunity to run into the underbrush of zios. One thing i knew, i could not under any circumstances let the Shaman Princess be captured! And i knew if my brother found me he would surely kill me instead of letting me unveil his plans! I had never been to Jamaa, a place where only the richest, and luckiest of people could go. Where the Shaman princess lived, she held the future of jamaa, she couldt just leave her to be tortured by her evil brother. Suddenly her eyes filled with tears, had she ever even really known her brother? 

Chapter Two
NO SHIVERCLOUD HAD never really known her brother, which of course depressed her even further. After all her mom had left her when she was no larger than a tree sapling. And her dad...her dad died. She barely even thought of it, her dad had been in jamaa when he was jumped by some scammers and when he fought back, he was killed. Shaking off the memories she focused on the task ahead. Rescue she repeated in her mind, Rescue. She sniffed the air to see if her brother was around, he wasn't, so she stepped out of the dense Zios Undergrowth, her primary knowledge of jamaa was that it was to the north of her home, Coral Canyons. The ground was marshy and wet beneath her paws and every time she took a paw step it felt like she was being sucked into the earth....

Chapter Three
Though it would be hard to get to jamaa she felt it would be even harder to survive once she got there,
There were TONS of scammers who would rob you and if you were dead for sure. They would find her quite a easy target. No matter, she decided her life was way less important than princess Shammie. So she began her journey, by starting at the due of zios she followed her brothers now fain scent, i will be a hero, she whispered to herself! So she began by following the scent trail, to jamaa...

Chapter Four
Shivercloud was a extroardinary sniffer an followed the trail to the other rim of zios, a cave began there an she automatically assumed jamaa was through the other side." I wonder whats in there", she thought aloud. "Hello?" No reply came, so she began the hike throughout the narrow tunnel. Shivercloud noticed some weird things in the tunnel like fallen hats, and odd necklaces embroidered with fine jewels. Who would leave such great treasure in a cave. The thing that particularly caught her eye was a pink fox hat. Hmm, she picked it up an placed it upon her head. Shivercloud was not too smart, after all she had never gone to school, so when she saw a mysterious woman walking in the black shadows of the cave, she welcomed her. What a idiot shiver cloud was, for the lady was no lady at all, it was her brother. Dressed up in clothes he had probably scammed. " Hello Shivercloud". " Who are you?', she questioned. "A friend my dear, just a friend...


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