The Start of Bunnyman45608

The Start of Bunnyman45608 
When I was about 9/10 I got these mags from my nana and in them where fun stuff about animal jam. I doubted it would be a good site. I decided to join anyway. As I was sign up I need a unique login well I thought untill I came up with:
My first day of playing was horrible. I wanted to quit rite away. But, I decided not to.It was horrible because I didn't have freechat. I finally figured out how. Then one day, I went to a random persons den. It's user was uniquelog. I thought it would be a girly girl or something like that. We talked and became great friends. 

How I got my username.
A lot of ppl ask me how I got my username. 
I have asthma which means it's hard for me to breathe. One night I was in the middle of an asthma attack. My rabbit (bunnyman)gotta outta of his cage ran into my parent room and began to thump the floor. If it wasn't for bunnyman I would have been dead. The number well you figure that out! 


  1. My sister thinks that's a sweet bunny. =3 Such a touching story.

  2. Hey! I got the magazine from my Nana and that's how I found AJ too!