The Start Of Uniquelog

My Aj Life- Beginning
I was on a site called I was angry because i wanted to play on a virtual world, and i had tried second life and club penguin but it just didn't work. On the back of miniclip there was a small add saying- Animaljam.Com Play Wild an free! I doubted it was anything good. Probably stupid. I almost didn't go, i wouldn't be writing this if i didn't. I started to make my account and got to the username part. A lot of people think my user is weird, yeaaa... Well ill explain it to you. First of all Im unique and i wanted my user to be a Unique LOGin. hmmm.. Uniquelogin didn't work, Uniquelog did though :p
Thats how i got to be  Uniquelog. So i started playing animal jam, i thought it was so cool, but when i tried to type it said it was for members only ( this was 1 year and a half ago ) This was before the trade system, This was when non members could accept gifts, before limited chat was available, before pets, before anything, when crystal sands didn't have any slides, before appendage or the oceans, before the flag shop, when clemmy104 owned wind clan and thunderclap was unknown, before anything we jammers find comfort in now. As i was saying when i tried to type it wouldn't let me! i almost quit right them and there. But luckily I'm stubborn and i worked hard to figure out how to get free chat, and i did. 
Oh and also when i first became a jammer, instead of rates mattering, free chat mattered. Some people would have Free-chat partys. And non free-chatters were left out. How sad? Wow look how its all changed...i mean this was before Volcanoes, Before worns, before castle, This was right when treehouse came out! Before the gem spin, before best dressed ( way b4 )... just think about the change..

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  1. Where am i at in the story.. ill give it to you:
    2 months later as I was in a den a random that my freind knew can in we became freinds fro mthe start and have been freinds for over 1 year!