Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Story of the Week- Cora ( story clips )

Cora& her mom
One day in the city of Tigris, a little wolf pup was born, her name was Cora. Cora's Mother ( SpiritRose ) Was very poor.
She had only a handful of gems left to take care of herself and cora.
She tried Very hard to help cora survive the harsh world, but
with no job she just couldn't! One day Coras Mom made the sad decision to leave cora to fend for herself.
Cora being left.
Cora didn't understand what was happening, after all she was just a little pup. But cora understood in a way that something was seriously wrong. Mama? She would mumble the night cora slipped away from the den. Cora awoke sad and lonely. She shivered an shook, and ate only the scraps of food her mom had managed to spare for her.  She chewed on the rabbit
and tried to howl at the sky. Sometimes she imagined she  could
hear her mom howling in the distance, Mama...              
Cora eating rabbit


  1. This Story is pretty good! I can't wait until you make more! P.S, this is your Buddy, Hellopinky! :) Jam on!

  2. Please let her see her mom again please

  3. But good story let her see her mum again i'm and i don't like sad stories:[